'Zen' Ring - Handmade one-piece ring made to order in repurposed .925 Sterling silver.

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My 'Zen' ring is probably the simplest of products I can produce. No texturing, no moulding and no layering - simply formed and then polished, hence the simplest of titles 'Zen'. 

In Zen, an ensō (円相, "circle of enlightenment") is a circular hand-drawn form to express a moment when the mind can be free to allow harmony and completeness.

Each piece I make is therefore totally unique and cannot be repeated. You will now own a little piece of history.

These rings shown are produced using 2 and 3mm square sterling silver wire but other variations are possible.


As every piece is handmade to order by myself, it can take up to 7 days to produce - although very often I can turn it around in less depending upon workload. 

Each ring is made of 100% solid .925 Sterling Silver. My Silver is the highest quality bought from specialist UK bullion dealers.

Handmade products are something special that you cannot get buying over the shelf in a shop. I also use Eco Sterling Silver [Repurposed] to help save our planet.

Please note:
Free shipping costs only allow for minimal packaging for some locations. Therefore you may receive the gift in a eco friendly gift bag.

Please email shinyustudio@gmail.com with any requests or ideas so we can work together on a commision.