'Mobius' Ring - Handmade ring from Recycled .925 Sterling silver

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'Mobius' is one single piece of Sterling Silver wire that is wrapped and fromed into a 'mobius' loop type of shape - an endless loop. As there is no beginning or end - you can turn this ring constantly to look different whenever you like. A beautiful little sculpture for you to wear on your finger!

As every piece is handmade to order by myself, it can take up to 7 days to produce - although very often I can turn it around in less depending upon workload. 

Each ring is made of 100% solid .925 Recycled Sterling Silver. I buy the highest quality Recycles Silver from specialist UK bullion dealers as well as smelt down Broken and Vintage Sterling Silver myself...either way it's the best quality Sterling Silver that has a unique history to it.

Handmade products are something special that you cannot get buying off the shelf in a shop - But you will get a very unique piece of jewellery from me, made with love and always a one off that can never be repeated.

Please note:
Free shipping costs only allow for minimal packaging for some locations. Therefore you may receive the gift in a eco friendly gift bag.

Please email shinyustudio@gmail.com with any requests or ideas so we can work together on a commision.