'Sea Green' Necklace and Earrings. Repurposed from damaged Wedgwood Jasperware

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'Sea Green Jasper' necklace and Earrings - repurposed from damaged Sea Green Wedgwood Jasperware and handcrafted into a unique Necklace & Earrings.

The pendant has a Lion depicted upon it whilst the earrings are the horses that drive a chariot - when positioned together they were actually one piece but are now set as 2 individual earrings.

The damaged ceramics were salvaged from being thrown into landfill as they were chipped and cracked.

The Pendant is fixed with a silver plated bail and 18" inch silver plated chain [but we can discuss changing to an 20" chain if you prefer]
The Earrings are fixed with a silver plated bail & hypoallergenic Silver Plated loops.

Choose to buy :
1 - Necklace only
2 - Earrings only
3 - The Necklace and Earrings Set
*Buying the Set will save money rather than buying individually.

These unloved objects are often found damaged so I am re-purposing them into more beautiful and desirable objects to be worn and shown to the world once again - and it helps save our planet every time I make one and you buy one.

This is the ultimate in sustainable fashion as I am using objects that would be discarded and added to our ever growing disposable waste in the world.

Please note:

Free shipping costs only allow for minimal packaging for some locations. Therefore you may receive the gift in a eco friendly gift bag or packaging.