'Fused' Ring - Handmade ring from repurposed .925 Sterling silver.

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My 'Fused' ring is the perfect story of recycling a material.

When I hand make each piece of silver jewellery, I keep each and every piece of scrap silver from off cuts, cut outs and even the silver sawdust. Once I have enough of these elements 'fuse' it all together to  produce a handmade ring.

Therefore each piece is always totally unique and cannot be repeated. Some have different shapes, looks and feels - one of these I can see has what looks like a 'devils horns'...can you see it?


As every piece is handmade to order by myself, it can take up to 7 days to produce - although very often I can turn it around in less depending upon workload. 

Each ring is made of 100% solid .925 Sterling Silver. My Silver is the highest quality bought from specialist UK bullion dealers.

Please note:
Free shipping costs only allow for minimal packaging for some locations. Therefore you may receive the gift in a eco friendly gift bag.

Please email shinyustudio@gmail.com with any requests or ideas so we can work together on a commision.