'Spring' - Necklace and/or Earrings. Handmade with 100% Eco Sterling silver.

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To me Simplicity is the key to all aspects of life - and design. It is about creating harmony and balance between visual elements so that it works well, feels good and looks wonderful.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci....and I won't argue with that!

 Each pendant is made to order and therefore can take up to 7 days to produce - although very often I can turn it around in a few days or so. Each piece is handcrafted by myself from 100% .925 Eco Sterling Silver and is therefore totally unique and cannot be repeated - You will own a little piece of history.

I love to collaborate and work with customers so that we can produce something personal and precious because I feel it brings something special to a product that you cannot get buying over the shelf in a shop. I also use Eco Sterling Silver when possible to help save our planet.

Please note: Free shipping costs only allow for minimal packaging for some locations. Therefore you may receive the gift in a eco friendly gift bag or packaging.